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About PQL

Since 1989 PQL has been a leader in the industry providing innovative and environmentally-friendly lights and fixtures for commercial, institutional and utility markets throughout the United States. Innovation, integrity, quality, and value are the core beliefs that define the character of PQL. As a family-owned business, we treat our coworkers and customers like family and consider their unique individual needs.

Our Beginnings

PQL's beginnings started with Andy Sreden out of his garage in 1985 and grew out of the desire to provide high-quality lighting. Seeing an unmet need, PQL quickly grew. Today, PQL has five fully stocked distribution centers across the country. Our mission is to design and provide innovative energy-efficient lighting products with superior service, while creating a new level of value.

Experience and Knowledge

For 35 years, PQL has designed and produced innovative lighting products for many large national customers. We have invested resources in research and development to ensure quality service and are at the forefront of advancing technologies.


PQL has a wide customer base with a vast array of needs. No two customers are alike, and no two lighting-use goals are alike. With the complexity of the lighting business today, our staff is trained to work with companies, architects, and designers on many levels. Our high degree of quality and service and our ability to be nimble allows us to pivot with clients' needs. Ordering with PQL is fast and painless, and we ship 90% of orders within 24 hours.

Our Mission

Designing and providing innovative energy-efficient lighting products and superior service, creating a new level of value.