Energy Savings Calculator

For you convenience, we have provided a savings calculator below to assist you in determining your specific level of savings.


Current energy cost:

$20.28 per year

Estimated cost after contacting PQL:

$2.81 per year

Estimated annual savings:

$17.47 per year

Monthly Savings:

$1.46 per month

Months until payback:

0.7 month(s)

Change any of the fields below to calculate your savings. 

Existing bulb wattage


PQL replacement bulb wattage


Number of light bulbs


Hours of use per day


Days of use per year


Electricity cost

cents per KWH

Cost of replacement bulb (Optional)



These figures are based on estimated calculations; your actual savings may be different. PQL offers this calculator as an example only, and is not responsible for any variance in your actual results.