"PQL is not only successful because of their great products, but also because of their professional staff & fantastic attitudes."
-Jim from Hawaii

"I am compelled to write you about the latest ordering format that you sent out to my locations nationwide. It is yet another fine example of the above and beyond customer service that you and your company have extended to us. From the beginning, PQL has been a step beyond our previous supplier in all categories. Your pricing is better. Your delivery time is significantly better. But most of all, your customer service has been equal to the level of service we try to establish with every customer that walks in our door. Almost every manager in the company has called to thank me for finally getting someone responsible to supply our lamps. I am appreciative of your continued diligence in servicing our stores, and I look forward to increased business with PQL in the future."
-Edmond, Facility Maintenance Director

"Several years ago, the City switched to energy saving signal lamps. A number of brands were tested to determine if the actual wattage consumed at field operating voltages was consistent with the claimed or stated wattage on the lamps. We also tested the standard traffic signal lamps which actually consumed 165 watts at the field operating voltage. We used Durotest energy saving lamps until the company went out of business. At the time we were examining traffic signal lamps for a replacement and we had the Premium Quality Lighting (PQL) signal lamps tested for wattage consumption at field voltage. The PQL lamps tested at their rated wattage at the actual field voltage, making them fully acceptable to the City as an energy saving traffic signal lamp. We wish you continued success in your energy saving lamp endeavors."
- City Traffic Engineer from California

"Premium Quality Lighting came to us with the thought that they would be able to help us with our lighting needs, also that they would be able to cut our lighting bill as well as provide a better light in which to work by. To say the least, I was skeptical. When our current lighting started to fade out with many expired bulbs after just 10 months, I gave Premium Quality Lighting a call. We started with only 1 case of Premium Quality Lighting lamps, so that we could test them first. To our pleasant surprise, the lamps that were provided to us have reduced our lighting bill as well as provided a much brighter light with half the lamps. Needless to say we have fitted our entire branch with Premium Quality Lighting's products and have been very satisfied. I would recommend this lamp to whomever is in the market to achieve greater profits and a great lighting environment to work in."
-Geoff from California

"I would like to thank you for providing us with your compact fluorescent lights. They have done everything you promised they would. Everyone in the office likes the type of light they put out better than the old flood lights we had. And the hallway the new lights are in is much cooler than it used to be. All and all we are very pleased with this new light and would be delighted to recommend them to anyone."
-Harley, Company President

"It was Premium Quality Lighting's unparalleled commitment to provide me with the best product on the market that first attracted me to your company. You not only sell the best materials but your pricing, customer service and professionalism are unmatched in the business. The value not only shows with your "buy right" prices but also in the quality of your products. The products have a longer usage time and are highly energy efficient. When I use your products, everyone saves money. My clients are satisfied and it is a good reflection on my business. When I place an order with PQL whether it is large or small, for my local or national customers, I rest assured that I will be completely 100% pleased. I have high standards for myself and my clients and I know I can trust PQL to keep these standards high. I can honestly and confidently give my seal of approval to PQL. I have been buying from you for many, many years and will happily continue to do so in the future. Thanks PQL for your hard work and dedication to your customers. Keep up the good work."
-Russell, Company President