Quality of materials, workmanship, customer service, and professional representation are but a few of the primary directives that formulate the PQL corporate image. From our innovative technologies, to surpassing our environmental responsibilities, PQL holds customer satisfaction to be our corporate mantra.

Through extensive research and development we offer a full range of lamps designed and engineered for durability, strength, and long life. We feature rugged multi-support filaments resistant to shock and vibration that will outlast ordinary bulbs for substantial savings. Energy saving leading edge technologies is our driving motivation.

At PQL we hold our nine manufacturing facilities to the highest standards in the industry in order to guarantee our product performance. We continuously monitor all aspects of quality to ensure we exceed our customer expectations.

To continue to provide this market leadership we have established a new quality and testing laboratory located in Sarasota, Florida. This is in addition to our original quality laboratory located in our corporate headquarters. The Simi laboratory will focus on incoming product testing while the new facility will focus on design and specifications adherence etc. Heading the Quality Department is Mr. Thomas Gregg (our Manager of Quality Assurance). Mr. Gregg boasts over 20 years in the Lighting business as an engineer and sales executive for some of the leading lighting manufacturers in the world. His initial thrust will be to insure the specifications are being delivered.

Thomas Gregg welcomes your comments and suggestions for improving quality and recommendations for new technologies.

Contact Information: tgregg@pqlighting.com