About us

Designing and providing innovative energy-efficient lighting products and superior service, creating a new level of value.

For decades, PQL has designed and produced innovative lighting products. They have invested resources in research and development to ensure that they are at the forefront of advancing technologies. PQL offers elite products with a focus on quality and environmental sustainability. The combination of excellence in quality and energy efficiency provides tremendous benefits in energy costs and maintenance expenses. The level of experience in conceptual design and innovation combined with the expansive knowledge of a nationwide sales team has propelled PQL to a position of leadership in the lighting industry.

No two customers are alike, and no two lighting-use goals are alike. With the complexity of the lighting business today, our staff at PQL is fully trained to work with your company on many levels: from Lighting Specialists that will help to determine the right lighting product for your needs, to Custom Online Ordering Guides, designed to make it easy for you to order at a time that is convenient for you.

Our four fully-stocked distribution centers are dedicated to delivering product quickly and efficiently. Our large distribution network makes reordering fast and our online ordering painless. PQL has the resources to service your company, regardless of the size or demands needed. PQL focuses on getting your product out of our warehouse and into your doors, with most orders shipping the same day you place your order.

PQL invites you to put our quality, experience, service and national resources to work for you.

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